Monday, November 19, 2007

MRI Report and Consult

We had our face-to-face meeting with the neurosurgeon today. Grandpa was visiting during the week so we took him along. It was nice to have a third set of ears to hear the news. Again the doctor said there were no significant changes in the MRI since the last one (a year ago). There remains residual fluid around the left lobe that did not drain completely after surgery. Shunting would help drain that but it is not without risks and is a lifelong proposition. The overall consensus was let’s not introduce a shunt since Kenneth is doing well overall and not showing signs of pressure or weakness.

As for Kenneth’s head increase, his chart reflects a proportionate growth rate and he continues to be in the upper percentile. The doctor wants to see him in six months rather than a year, just to monitor the growth. So I walked out of his office breathing a sigh of relief.

Our little boy has come a long way since that week in December 2 years ago.


Robert said...

He has come a long way, congratulations.

Christi said...

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