Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MRI Follow-up

We went in for Kenneth’s follow-up MRI today. The procedure went fine. His waking from anesthesia was a bit more bumpy. It was the worst I’ve seen him after these scans. He was very upset, angry and didn’t want to sit or lie on the bed in recovery. We really just waited him out until he let us offer him a drink of apple juice. Then later came the warm welcome of goldfish crackers. Every child loves them. After about 45 minutes we were able to persuade him to go to the car and head home.

Thankfully he did not get sick in the car. And he even ate a bit during dinner. I was happy he recovered well.

I am waiting for the doctor’s call on the radiology report. We go in to see him on Monday for a face-to-face consult. Keep us in your prayers.

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