Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's party

Nose, Head, Tummy, Feet

I am still in disbelief... our little Kenneth is recognizing four body parts now. It is SO exciting because, like so many other things, it seems like we have been working on this forever. I was changing his diaper Thursday and when we were through, I asked him, "where is your head?" He promptly touched his head with his hand and looked straight at me. My first reaction was to scream and pick him up celebrating--then I asked him to repeat it. And he did.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Balls and beams

We had an amazing day at PT. For the first time, Kenneth kicked a ball with intention. He did it like he's been doing it forever. Funny how that seems.

He also had a banner day with the balance beam--going across 5-6 times without falling off (with Jacob holding his hands). It was great to see.

We are seeing so many progress signs this week. I feel truly blessed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Body parts

This weekend was the first time Kenneth touched his tummy when I asked him to. I was so thrilled I cried. He also recognizes his nose, although it looks a lot like the sign for "eat". I'll take it :)

Adjusting the braces

We had an appointment with the orthotist yesterday about Kenneth's braces. The last time we met, he said it might be time to try cutting down the SMO (calf-high left brace) and seeing how he does. So we agreed to try it and so far nothing major to report. I'm supposed to keep an eye out for toe-walking again. If that happens a lot, we'll have to revert back. We have a followup appointment in a month.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

School Recognition

Kenneth was recognized last week for his great progress at school over the last 6 weeks. Here he is with his fellow classmate (Eduardo) and teacher (Ms. Amy) getting his certificate. They were both excited to be in the auditorium with all the other kids. It was fun to see them get up there.

They also got a Super Stallion chain from the school (Lakewood's mascot is the stallion).

Speech Class

Kenneth with Courtney at Speech.

Exercise Class

Kenneth on the balance beam at physical therapy (aka exercise class).

Eat, Drink, and More

We are adding "Eat" and "Drink" signs to Kenneth's repertoire. He is still stuck on "More" so it may be a slow road. I have to hold his left hand down to prompt him to use his right hand only. Usually he gets it.