Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Offline for now --

I'm temporarily offline on the blog.... will be back after July 20th.

Highlights This Month --
- Kenneth had his annual MRI yesterday and no significant changes since last one! The doctor wants to spread out visits now, so we won't see him for another 2 years. YEAHHH! Kenneth was very tired Tuesday and we've all been trying to catch up on our rest. I feel especially blessed at the moment. I didn't think we'd have any major news; I'm just reflecting on all we've/he's been through the last 5 years. Thanks be to God for our health.

- Kenneth finished Callier summer session last week; awesome stuff. I'm looking into some of their other options for supplemental therapy during the fall when regular school starts.

- We're embarking on the gluten-free diet (all of us; yikes!)

- We've started some initial supplements and getting some tests run so we can get a custom vitamin started before the fall. Our nutritionist thinks he has yeast overgrowth that may be a contributing factor with his digestion (apparently common in ASD kids).

- We're taking 2 weeks in August to focus on intense potty training (again). PRAY FOR US...

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Dan said...

That's great news about the MRI!