Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kenneth starts Callier UTD speech program

We got IN!! Thanks to all who prayed and waited with us over the holiday as I anxiously awaited a call from Callier (University of Texas at Dallas). It's an intensive 1:1 speech program for toddlers and they made an exception for Kenneth since he's over the usual age limit (3.5). He works 1:1 with a speech language pathology graduate student M-Th mornings. He still attends Lakewood in the afternoons and Fridays.

So far, he loves the program and has adjusted extremely well to the transition. I thought he'd be disappointed about the bus not coming in the mornings, but he is just fine. I'll try and keep you posted regularly on his progress. We are so excited about this opportunity; it is a blessing.


Christi said...

If you could please add eSpecial Needs ( as a resource and remove The Adaptive Child. We have expanded our company and have changed the name to eSpecial Needs. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina,

My wife and I have been following your website with great interest and are thrilled with the progress of Kenneth's development. We're always happy to read about his improvements and know that wonderful things are ahead for him. Hopefully you'll post more news about him and your family soon.

Dan and Anne Kurz,
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Anonymous said...

Dear Gina,

I forgot to add my email address. Please drop me a line and let me know how things are doing with you and your family.

---Dan Kurz