Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Spring!

Well I finally got a weekend where I could focus on planting my pots on the porch. Kenneth was supposed to be helping me water the flowers, but instead kept trying to drink from the pitcher.

We've been busy the last two months and I hope my pictures can catch you up. We took a short trip over spring break to San Antonio. I love that place. I always feel so relaxed down there. Anyway, Kenneth did fantastic with all the stairs along the riverwalk; he did not cry or whine once! He had a more difficult time with sleeping at night. Two out of the three nights were a loss. We came back exhausted.

So it's good to be back home...sweet...home.

Kenneth in enjoying church and all the activities. We just had a date night this Friday and he loves going. We drop him off with dinner at 6:30, mix with the other parents, then go off on our own until 9:30. It's a great chance for us to not only get some downtime from Kenneth's routine, but reconnect with each other. I am really grateful to have this.

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